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Nakshatra of the day


I have decided to do a daily minipost on Nakshatra of the day, will get around to doing a detailed post on panchanga and astrology some time later in the month.  The energy of the Nakshatra combined with the Tithi and Vara Lord tends to colour the mood of the day. You can try this out as an self experiment .

Today’s Nakshatra : Sravana

Tithi : Chaturdasi

Chaturdasi is a day ruled by goddess Kali and is often the day for mantra prayogas and curing of various ills. These were the guidelines given by the ancients based on the desha kala mana situations at that time. In the modern sense of the world chaturdasi is good for recovering from stress and tension of daily life .  Things started on chaturdasi will not tend to fructify ( modified by one’s individual tara bala and other factors ) .

The main energy is the energy of the Nakshatra .

Sravana literally means hearing . In modern astronomy it is the constellation of Aquilae.

Sravana ( Great Eagle , Hearing )

It is lorded by Soma the moon and corresponding deity is Lord Vishnu the preserver.

Aquilla consists of three stars and is also called the three footsteps of Lord Vishnu ( In his vamana avatara Lord Vishnu is known as Trivikrama …one who measured the cosmos in three footsteps ) . Lord vishnu being the preserver gives prosperity in this world of maya ( lorded by his consort goddess lakshmi ) . Sravana also having the moon is a very good star for learning.

Combined with the meaning of an chaturdasi  the energy of today will find you in a calm mood probably picking up a good book to read . 🙂 For those of you who have been putting off various certifications  today would be a  good day to start .

Sravana is also connected to the Pipal tree under which Buddha got his englightenment….

For those of you who are in born in Sravana….it being a janma tara day is very good for all activities.

Just notice the energy of today and you will be able to use this personalized information better later in the future.

P.S  For Mithuna rasi born natives…Sravana will occupy the eight house of makara and today would not be pleasant for them and all bets are off.

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