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Purvabhadra -Nakshatra of the day


As a part of the ongoing miniseries on Nakshatras. Today’s Nakshatra is Purvabhadra and tithi is tritiya.

Tritiya  Tithi: Lord Vishnu lords over tritiya . The rulership of the tithis from a planet’s perspective is based on the days of the week starting with the Sun. Hence Mars lords over the third tithi . Also similar to the houses of the horoscope  the third house in a chart stands for parakrama , siblings , work done with the hands etc.   Fasting on a tritiya will help one get over one’s own anger.

Lord vishnu being very pleasing to look at also adds to the meaning of an tritiya tithi.

Nakshatra : Purvabhadra  or Purvabhadrapada is the 25th nakshatra in the list of stars. There are various meanings to the name of this nakshtara. Bhadra means that which is auspicious and Purva means before or in the eastern direction . It can be taken to mean beautiful front feet . Now you may wonder why this strange name …..

Purvabhadra is the constellation of Pegasi in the sky.

Epsilon Pegasi ( Great Horse or Dragon )

It is derived from the Mythical Greek Horse  god Pegasus . If you observe carefully the star constellation of Pegasi will look like a great rising horse in the sky . Purvabhadra is the front auspiscious group of stars .  Purvabhadra is lorded by Jupiter and the ruling deity is  Aja + Ekapada  . The one footed  unicorn which is a symbolic representation of Agni .

Purvabhadra born people are usually unique , eccentrical , good speaking abilities and mystical inclinations. Tritiya tithi combined with Purvabhadra qualities should make for an interesting day with tons of work at the office and home .

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  1. 02/16/2010 10:42 AM

    good info. try to complete this nakshatra cycle.
    suggestion: put the nakshatra name in the title along with nakshatra of the day

    ex. Nakshatra of the day: Purvabadhra

    its easier to refer later.

  2. 02/16/2010 11:09 AM

    Nice suggestion ra . I will tweak the heading to reflect the star name.

  3. dr.maehsh permalink
    06/20/2011 6:01 AM

    good information. try to do a bit more. like nakshatra, its adhipathi its effects on health and remedies.

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