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The cat which predicts death


Nature often sends paranormal phenomena our way to remind us that there is a greater power high above us and also to remind us that we are all connected in the web of life.

Oscar is the subject of a book written by Dr David Dosa . Dr Dosa works at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Dosa wrote about Oscar in 2007 in the New England journal of medicine and his uncanny abilities which so far have been able to predict 50 deaths in the nursing home.

People actually love Oscar since he actually curls up with Patients who are about to die and gives them comfort at a stage when their loved ones cannot. Oscar will enter the room of an patient 24 hrs before the angel of death will visit the patient…in most cases these are terminally ill patients who are often in coma and he will stay at their side untill the event occurs , comforting them and curling up with them.

Oscar the cat

Article from  San jose Mercury News

After a year, the staff noticed that Oscar would spend his days pacing from room to room. He sniffed and looked at the patients but rarely spent much time with anyone — except when they had just hours to live.

He’s accurate enough that the staff — including Dosa — know it’s time to call family members when Oscar stretches beside their patients, who are generally too ill to notice his presence. If kept outside the room of a dying patient, he’ll scratch at doors and walls, trying to get in. ”

Oscar has now become famous with Dr Dosa’ book

One more article from Indian Express…–Book/574471

May god bless this little creature that brings some comfort to the suffering and some amount of  release and catharsis for the relatives . When a doctor gives the same message there is still denial…when a furry animal does it you know it has been pre destined. Also this gives us an message that god works in mysterious ways and is present in each living being.

Gita Verse

Chapter 10 Verse 30

prahladas casmi daityanam
kalah kalayatam aham
mrganam ca mrgendro ‘ham
vainateyas ca paksinam

Among the Daitya demons I am the devoted Prahlada; among subduers I am time; among the beasts I am the lion, and among birds I am Garuda, the feathered carrier of Visnu.

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