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Pancharama Kshetra – ( Kshetra of the Week )


Adding one more regular column to the usual posts . Bharata is a land of so many punya kshetras that it would probably take a lifetime to cover them all . Familiarity often breeds contempt and usually most of us do not take the time nor put the effort to learn about our land . This series is an attempt to bridge that gap virtually and digitally . An attempt will be made to cover one unique temple from different parts of India each week .

Why not start with Trilinga desa with begin with ….wait what ? Trilinga desa ? .  🙂 Land between the three famous shiva temples of  Kaleswaram , Draksharamam and Sri sailam is the current state of Andhra Pradesh.

Obscured by the fame of the other temples lie these ancient temples called the Pancharama Temples.

1.Draksharamam ( Rajahmundry—Bhimeswara )

2.Amararamam ( Amaravati -Amara Eswara )

3.Someswaram/Kotipalli ( Rajahmundry -Someswara)

4.Kumaramam ( Bhimeswaram -Kumara Linga )

5.Ksheeramam ( Rameswara- Palakollu Godavari )

Before we delve into each Kshetra  the legend of formation of these temples is also interesting.

In the ancient times when Lord Brahma had just started the process of creation of the cosmos .He created the seven sages foremost of all . Sage Marichi was one of the ancient seven sages . Born to Marichi was sage Kashyapa . Sage Kashyapa ( Kashyapa Gotra comes from the sage ) had two wives  , Diti and Aditi. Aditi gave birth to the gods ,whereas Diti gave birth to the daityas or rakshasas.

Diti gave birth to Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashyapu who were both killed by Sri Maha vishnu in his Varaha and Nrisimha avataras.  Vishnu saves bhoodevi from destruction by water in his varaha avatara ( Metaphysical meaning of life being born in the waters …in the early earth ) .  Saddenned by the loss of her children Diti did immense penance to please Lord Shiva and obtained a third son. Indra was terrified with the destruction caused by her earlier two sons and hearing the news of her pregnancy decided to kill the son in the womb itself. Indra released his Vajra ayudha to kill the baby. The foetus was broken into seven pieces but being born by the grace of shiva each piece became a god itself. Those seven were the storm gods ( Maruts ) born out of immense collision between the vajra ayudha .

Diti was inconsolable .In anger she took up a great penance of 1000 yrs after which she pleased Lord shiva to be blessed with her fourth son Vajranga . Vajra+ Anga literally means one whose body is as hard as an diamond. Vajraanga grew up to be a great warrior , hearing of his brother’s death at the hands of Indra he decides to invade swarga loka….

Skanda and Taraka War

As the war clouds loom over Swarga Indra is pensive because he knows Vajranga to be undefeatable in war .

To continue ……

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