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Uttarabhadrapada-Nakshatra of the day


Today’s  nakshatra is Uttarabhadrapada ( Yesterday was Purvabhadrapada its sister pair ) . Tithi is Chaturthi . Chaturthi is one of the rikta tithis which is not good for any auspicious work.Chaturthi is lorded by yama and is always good for removal of obstacles. If there is an issue which has been troubling you ( financial , work related ) …pick the chaturthi tithi to time your efforts . Any new activity started on a chaturthi will not usually get completed ( modified by again one’s own tara bala ) .

Uttarabhadrapada is the star system of Andromadae and also gamma pegasi ( the latter half ) .

Notice Andromeda in the middle

Closer look

Ancient Perception of Andromeda. Contrast shape with previous image

Andromeda is the chained maiden in the Greek Mythology who will be later saved by the hero Perseus . Pegasus was the horse used for their escape 🙂 ( Purvabhadra ) . Okay enough of Greek mythology coming back to the imagery and meaning behind this star.

Uttarabhadrapada is lorded by Saturn. Ruling deity is  Ahi+Badhnu ( Ahi means maaya sense of ego and self …One who overcomes that is Rudra ) .If you remember Purvabhadra is ruled by Rudra as well but in a different form . Both Uttarabhadra and Purvabhadra are a scorching pair with agni tattva. Purvabhadra is unleashed energy , Uttarabhadra is endurance added to that energy .

It is also the feet of the Kalapurusha ( imagined superimposed on the sky ) . Just like Purvabhadra , Uttarabhadra can give good learning , it can also produce sanyasis due to its lordship by saturn. Uttarabhadra born people also will share an love of travel . In general Uttarabhadra people are magnetic in nature with a attractive personality.

Chaturthi rikta tithi combining with fiery energy of Uttarabhadra will result in long standing issues getting resolved .

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