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Revati Nakshatra


Today’s nakshatra is Revati and tithi is Panchami. Panchami is ruled by Soma ( moon ) and is a good day to administer medicine and for purging of toxins from the body. Panchami or Asthami can be choosen to give medicine in the Ayurveda system. This has to do with the gravitational effect of the moon on the blood and lymphatic systems of an human being . The lymphatic system is responsible for elimination of toxins ( Liver, Kidney , Lymph gland pathway ) .

Revati in the western world is known as Piscium

Revati the 27th Nakshatra

Revati in the hindu symbolism is instead visualized as an drum ( mridanga ) . It is the last nakshatra and symbolizes the final journey of the soul to higher planes.  It is lorded by mercury and presiding deity is Poushana ( Pushan the nourisher ) .Pushan is the last aditya ( 12 adityas….Sun takes 12 forms in the 12 rasis. He plays the role of the universal nourisher of all living things .Ultimately everything comes from the sun .Plants make food from solar energy , animals and human beings are dependent on food ) . Revati is a mridu ( soft ) nakshatra with complete deva guna , people born with moon in revati are usually very empathic and will share the sorrows of others . They can be extremely stubborn when provoked but the anger subsides soon .

Revati being associated with Poushana also gives long journeys , skill with agriculture and animals.

Also note that one of the farthest planetary systems lies beyond Revati

109 Piscium located at quite a distance

In a way Revati being the last nakshatra indicates a journey beyond our galaxy .

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