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Pancharama Kshetra -Taraka’s Birth


Continuing our series on the sthala purana for the Pancharama Kshetras.  Vajranga born out of his mother Diti’s penance had a body as hard as the vajrayudha. Diti specifically meditated for a son who could not be killed by Indra’s Vajra for 1000 yrs and thus was born Vajranga.  Vajranga to avenge his brothers death at the hands of Indra marched onto swarga loka . There took place a great war the like of which was never seen before.  Vajranga was easily able to defeat Indra and the whole assembly of devatas .Vajranga bound Indra by the power of his magic and was about to behead the lord of the gods to fulfill his mother’s wish.

Lord Indra’s death would have created a crisis in the hierarchy of the gods and to prevent this unnatural calamity ….Kashyapa himself and Lord brahma rushed to the scene where Indra was bound and requested Vajranga to not go forth with the terrible deed.  Vajranga was adamant that the word he had given to his mother had to be fulfilled. Lord brahma  suggested a way out by reminding Vajranga that a  person who was defeated in war and whose life was spared by his enemy will live in eternal shame …which is equivalent to death for an warrior . Hence he requested please let Indra go and consider this as fulfillment of your mother’s promise.

Lord Brahma ( Kadri Manjunath temple Karnataka...Pushkar is the other place where he is worshipped today )

Vajranga was satisfied with Brahma’s logic and released Indra and the other devatas. Later on Vajranga married the asura princess Varangi . In due course of time Varangi became pregnant and at the same time Vajranga departed to the forest to do penance . Indra was smarting from his defeat at the hands of Vajranga and wanted some form of retribution . Vajranga while absorbed in penance lost track of time and many years passed by… Meanwhile Varangi also was engaged in a state of meditation while carrying her baby. Indra rained showers of stones , fire ,venom and various kinds of dangerous objects on the hermitage where Varangi was present. Silently she withstood all the trials that were thrown at her…

After many years Vajranga returned back to the hermitage and soon found out about the torture his pregnant wife had undergone . He was filled with an immense rage that Indra had attacked his helpless wife . This time he embarked on a fierce penance for Brahma …His aim he wanted a son who would not be defeated by the trimurtis , the goddesses , the nagas , the kimpurushas….all of creation .

Vajranga was filled with an immense rage and was no longer willing to take chances with the trickery of the gods .He wanted to make absolutely sure that his son would be immortal .

Soon Lord Brahma appeared before him …. Vajranga requested that his son be granted the boon of Immortality .Brahma replied that immortality cannot be granted to anybody but he could grant his son protection from all forces imaginable both human and divine and only satisfying a very limited set of conditions would cause his death.

Thus was born Tarakasura….tidal waves rolled the earth when the baby was born ….the eight directions were filled with the cries of living things and the earth itself shook on its axis. Soon Taraka was crowned king of the demons ….

Lord Brahma's boon to Vajranga

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