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Rohini Nakshatra -Navami Feb 22


(As a part of the post have used images from other sites -credit to the original uploaders )

Today’s tithi is Navami and Nakshatra is Rohini . Navami always marks the end of various important religious periods in Hinduism(Rama Navami /Durga Navami ).Navami contrary to popular perception is not a materialistic wish granting tithi. In fact it is a tithi of destruction of evil …Durga Navami for example marks the time when the goddess kills the demons chanda and munda .  So it is a good tithi for performing puja and inner contemplation ( destruction of inner evils ) . It is not a recommended tithi for travel.

Coming to the Nakshatra  Rohini is the blessed nakshatra under which Lord Krishna was born . In the western world Rohini  is known as Alpha Tauri .It gets its name because it resembles a bull’s head (Tauri )

Resembles a bull

Alpha Tauri or Aldebaran

Alpha tauri or Aldebaran is a star system that is actually an Orange Giant. Stars in their lifetimes go through various phases and Orange giant is one of the phases of expansion of the star.  In Indian Mythology Rohini is the favourite wife of Soma or Chandra ( Metaphysical meaning Chandra had 27 wives and he stayed with each one of them in a lunar 27 month ….Meaning the moon spends one lunar night in the 27 nakshatras each time in the month ) .

Rohini is present in the Vrishabha Raasi ( Taurus ) .Rohana means to rise in sanskrit …note the word Avarohana ( to climb ) ..Aarohna ( to fly ) …same way Rohana means to rise and with the symbolism of a cart drawn by bulls or bulls head this star was called Rohini .

Rohini is the best place for Chandra to be present. This star has the energy of creation and people with moon in Rohini are usually very creative by nature. They will have beautiful shapely eyes ,will share a love of all fine things , food , perfumes and costumes.Taking the creation angle further  Rohini is lorded by the Moon and Presiding deity is Brahma the prajapati who is the creator of the cosmos.

Today being a Navami tithi with Rohini nakshatra and Vaara ( Weekday being Monday ruled by Moon ) should be a relatively calm day at work ( of course the usual disclaimer applies….modified by one’s own tarabala…if the moon is enemical in a horoscope expect a pretty bad day at work ) .

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