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Dasami Mrigashirsha – Feb 23rd


Today’s tithi is dasami and Nakshatra is Mrigashirsha which is commonly pronounced as Mrigasira .Both pronounciations are correct , though the original one clarifies the meaning of this nakshatra. As with all the symbolism of the nakshatras notice the keen observation skills of the ancients and the coded messages that were supplied along with the names.  Mrigasira in the western world is known as Orionis . Also called Orion the hunter in greek mythology .

Orion the hunter ...Next image will clarify

Located right beside Rohini (Tauri ) is Mrigashirsha ( Orion the Hunter )

For the Hindus the three faint stars at the head of the hunter are called Mrigashirsha.Instead of viewing them as the head of an hunter they visualized it as the head of an deer . Why an deer and not another animal you might tend to ask .

Refer to yesterday’s post and you might remember that Tauri which is preceding Mrigasirsa is lorded by soma and presiding deity is Prajapati who is the creator and symbolizes the creative energy. The creative energy of Tauri passes onto Mrigasirsha and becomes the seekign energy where it is constantly searching. A deer tends to mimic these actions by constantly twitching its head from one side to other side and always on the watchout for predators. The hidden imagery behind naming this nakshatra is to convey this meaning of searching.

Mrigashirsha’s deity is soma and lording planet is Mars . It is mars because the creative energy must also get transmuted into active energy .  Mrigashirsha is also an mridu nakshatra and has deva like qualities.People born in Mrigashirsha natal moon always will be on a constant search to improve things , to find new places. They have an urge to go somewhere and do something , if channelised properly that constant search can be made into the search for salvation or moksha.

There is a shadow side of Mrigashirsha also…sometimes this constant searching can lead one to superficial comforts and might turn into the search for the golden deer like in the ramayana and one can tend to waste one’s energy in trivial pursuits. Dasami is a tithi ruled by Dharma ( Yama ) and is a good day for any activity . Most good things can be done on this day. Creative energy of Mars joining with the tithi should make for an pleasant day( usual disclaimers apply ) .

( Once again various images are sourced from the web-Credit to the original uploaders ) .

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