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Pancharama Kshetra -Shiva Parvati Kalyanam


Continuing with our story on the Pancharama Kshetras.  Taraka after being crowned king of the demons undertook a great penance to please Lord brahma . He was not satisfied with the boons granted to his father and wanted even more protection before he understook the biggest war the demons ever waged. For a thousand years he meditated standing on one leg , then for a thousand years he hung himself from the trees upside down and meditated , then he lived only on air and finally he prepared to sacrifice himself.  Lord brahma finally appeared before him .Tarakasura very cleverly asked for two boons.

1.He should only be killed by a boy who is seven years old .Other than that none else in the whole of creation including brahma , vishnu , maheshwara  or any other god could kill him.

2.That boy should be born to siva .

🙂 Taraka thought he was being very clever. Lord siva got married to sati devi with great difficulty in the ancient time. Sati kills herself in the daksha yagna ( To be covered when we get to the Daksha kshetra ) .  Sati was reborn as Parvati or Himavati ( Daughter of the mountains ) .  Taraka thought Lord siva the eternal asectic will never marry again and even if he gets married ….he is  such a great yogi always lost in meditation …taraka assumed there was little possibility of fathering children.

Drunk with the power granted by the boons Taraka conquered the whole cosmos. He imprisoned the devas and literally made them his slaves. All of creation trembled at the name of Taraka . Indra himself was humbled , no force on earth or the heavens could stand upto Taraka.  The gods were in deep trouble and they approached Lord vishnu for help. Lord vishnu replied the only way out is to make sure Lord shiva got married .

🙂 Now the gods were in a dilema …how to get the  greatest ascectic married and why would Lord Shiva consent to this marriage since he still adored sati devi even though she was no more.

Sati devi after her death had reincarnated as Sailaputri ( born to the mountains ) in the family of Himavan ( The name himalayas come from this story ) .  She was an beauty of unparalleled charm and virtue . The gods as usual  deputed Narada to do his usual mischief. Sage Narada travelled to Himavan’s court and after narrating many wonders in the cosmos ,started to describe Lord shiva and his great penance . Parvati who was an young woman listened to the description of Lord shiva and longed to see him . She insisted she had to see this great yogi and travelled along with Narada to mount Kailasa. From the moment she laid eyes on lord shiva ,parvati fell in love with him. She refused to return to her father’s place and started serving Lord shiva even though he was lost in deep meditation and did not notice her. She used to clean the place , place fresh flowers around his neck , fan him while he meditated and waited upon him patiently. She waited a long time and still Lord shiva did not even open his eyes to notice her presence.

Taraka’s atrocities were growing by the day and the gods were growing impatient and Lord shiva was showing no signs of opening his eyes. The gods decide to send Manmatha the god of love to try and distrub Shiva’s meditation.  Manmatha reached Kailasa and waited for his chance .As usual Parvati started decorating lord shiva with flowers and cleaning the place. Manmatha shot an arrow towards Lord Shiva at that moment….Lord shiva was disturbed and opened his eyes and he noticed the presence of Parvati. In a moment he realized the mischief done by Manmatha and in great anger he opened his third eye ( jnana netra…Metaphyiscal meaning seen in duality the world attracts you , when the third eye or jnana netra is opened no longer duality is seen ..and the attraction dies )  and burnt Manmatha to ashes.

The gods were shocked and Parvati was stunned. She pleaded with Shiva to accept her as his wife….Shiva flatly refused and requested her to return to her father’s place .

Goddess Parvati serving Lord Shiva

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