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Ekadasi -Arudra Feb 24


Feb 24’s tithi was an Ekadasi with Arudra nakshatra.  Arudra in the western world is known as Betelegeuse .Betelgeuse is one of the brightest stars known and is situated in the constellation of Orion which as discussed previously. Betelgeuse technically is a double star or a red giant . More is discussed in this book ( Astrophysics of double stars ) .

Double star phenomena is when two stars appear to be like a single star when observed using a optical telescope due to proximity to each other.

This link from the science daily shows the shape of betelgeuse

Supergiant Red star Betelgeuse

Notice the double star phenomena and also the colour of this red giant star. Hence the hindus visualized this star without the help of optical telescopes as an teardrop . Why an Teardrop….because it is an double star and appears as an teardrop. Coming to the meaning of the word Arudra …Rudayanti the sanskrit root means to cry . Arudra hence means the moist one . As you might have guessed by this time Arudra’s presiding deity is Rudra the vedic god of thunder and lightning. Rudra is one of the forms of Lord shiva . Rahu is the ruling planet for this star.

Arudra to summarize in one word is like the clarity of perception that comes after a spring rain . In other words this star is a very spiritual star  …a person born in this star will have many challenges and through the clarity of tears will learn important spiritual lessons.At the same time Rudra denotes expansion , anger and the desire to acitivity. Rahu’s ownership of this star contributes to the meaning as well.

Arudra people will be natural good listerners of others in pain since they understand it well . They will do well in the professions of counselling and nursing . They will also be prone to anger due to the influence of Arudra and will possess an intense desire to take up constructive action . Arudra natives should be careful not to suppress their emotions or anger .

Ekadasi is ruled by Rudra as well , so today was an absolutely great day to take up fasting and give rest to the digestive system . Ekadasi is a day recommended for fasting . It is also a great day to worship Lord Shiva.

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