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Punarvasu-Dwadasi Feb 25


Today’s tithi is dwadasi and nakshatra is Punarvasu. Dwadasi is ruled by the sun ( 12 adityas and the last aditya ) . The sun always represents strict adherance to one’s duties and this is a good day to fulfill one’s responsibilities both professional and family related. Various religious rites pertaining to the family can be done on this day. Punarvasu in the western world is known as the constellation of pollux and castor . In greek mythology Castor and pollux are the gemini twins .Pollux was born to the king of gods Zeus and was immortal , Castor was born to tyndraeus and was mortal. Pollux gives up his immortality to be with castor and after their death they are turned into stars.

In the vedic system we have the Twin gods the Ashwini devatas who are also the healing physicians of the gods. Punar vasu literally means return of the light. If you remember Arudra the star before Punarvasu is the star of Rudra who is the thunder and storm god. Once the night of the storm has passed light returns to earth .  Also Punarvasu is associated with the mother of the gods Aditi devi . Punarvasu is ruled by jupiter and is mostly deva in guna . Ruling deity is Aditi.

Punarvasu natal moon people share an nature of returning to light or or change of the personality. They will be motivated with material concerns and will seek material prosperity. Punarvasu natal moon also produces an tendency to overanalzye things and place a great emphasis on materialism. If turned inward the same meaning would transform into returning to the true light of the soul. Hence the symbol of Punarvasu in hinduism is the bow and arrows.

Castor and Pollux ( Ashwini devatas )

Bow and Arrow the symbol for Punarvasu

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