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Kumarasambhava -( Pancharama Kshetra )


KumaraSambhava was the name of the great classic written by Kalidasa . It is a beautiful epic detailing the love between parvati and shiva and the birth of Skanda or Karthikeya. Let us proceed further with the story of the Pancharama Kshetras. Parvati and Lord shiva having reached Mt Gandhamandana spent many years enjoying each other’s company and conversations. The Tantras and agamas were given in discourse to the goddess from parameshwara during this time .  Meanwhile with each passing day the atrocities of Taraka grew more and this worried the gods.They were concerned the romance of the divine couple might continue for a long time and it would be too late for the slaying of Taraka. They decided once again to send an messenger to disturb the romance of the couple and convey the message of bearing a son soon.  The messenger chosen was the lord of fire himself Agni. When Agni reached the gates of Mt Gandhamandana they were shut closed barring entry to any mortal beings. Agni was determined to carry through the message and he slipped through the gates and reached the innermost chamber where the divine couple were enjoying an intimate moment.  The presence of Agni was detected immediately by Lord shiva and he being the all knowing god divined the purpose of Agni’s uninvited visit , at the same time he wanted to teach the gods an lesson for their impatience. As soon as Agni appeared before the couple , a ball of fiery energy shot forth from Lord shiva’s body and fell into Agni’s hands. Shiva ever smiling looked at Agni and said  ” Look after my son carefully , you now hold him in your hands ” .  Agni was dumbstruck and at the same time the purpose of his visit was fulfilled . He immediately started to travel back  via the medium of space to return the ball of energy to a safe place. While he was travelling the ball of fiery energy started feeling hot to the god of fire !!!!! Imagine the god of fire himself feeling an scorching heat.  Agni could no longer bear the immense heat of the ball of energy  and decided it would be better if somebody capable could hold onto the ball of energy.  He happenned to see the six wives of the divine sages passing by , having told them the whole story he requested them to hold onto the ball of energy. The wives of the sages managed to carry the ball some distance after which they too started feeling the immense heat. Unable to take it any longer they dropped the ball on the Himalayas . The immense heat generated by the energy of shiva started to melt even the Himalayas ( In relation Himavant would be the grand father of the son of shiva ) .Panick stricken the lord of the mountains himself appeared and deposited the ball of energy into the cool waters of the Ganges. Even that did not manage to stop the heat ….the whole river started to boil with the seething energy .  Finally the goddess managed to deposit the ball on a clump of bushes in the forest called Saravana.

There burst forth from the ball of energy  six babies each one of them endowed with a divine glow and beauty.  The Six Krittikas happenned to pass that way and noticing the six babies each one of them nursed one of the divine babies.  Meanwhile goddess Parvati reached the place searching for her baby and in her arms the six babies transformed into a single beautiful boy .

(The mythological stories have many hidden meaning on many levels. To normal people this story will seem as the silly imagination of ancient people.Actually if you remember in the night sky are present six stars known as the Krittikas or Pleidaes . Agni rules the constellation of the Krittikas. Also this position marks the division of the zodiac and fixes the Vernal equinox. The scope of this puzzle is too deep to type in one post. I will reserve it for while explaining the Krittika Nakshatra ) .At the same time do remember the stories are representations of cosmic truths present in daily human life , at the same time they are the truth on that plane of reference. People mistakenly think the bhagavad gita , mahabharata are only stories. If that were the case we would not discover the underwater ruins of dwarka today.

Now from this story come the various names of Karthikeya.

Karthikeya –One nursed by the Six Krittika Mothers

Sarvanabhava- This name occurs frequently in the blessed Sadakshari Mantra for Karthikeya. One born in the saravana forest.

Ganga Suta – Having  been carried by the goddess .He is also her son.

Thus was born the god of war….as an baby himself he put the god of fire to torment…almost melted the himalayas and brought the ganges to an boil . What to say of the immense power of Karthikeya.

Is it any wonder that the whole of Tamilnadu goes crazy with the name of Muruga …….Vel Muruga ……

Baby Skanda also represented with six faces

Thus was born the god of war and now the stage was set for the slaying of Taraka. With our final concluding post on the Pancharama Kshetra purana we will detail the war and move onto the actual pictures and customs of the pancharama temples itself.

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