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Swathi Nakshatra-Panchami


Today’s tithi is Panchami and Nakshatra is Swathi.In the western world it is known as Arcuturs. If you examine the word root of Swathi it is Sva ( Svarupa-One’s own rupa, Swaraj-One’s own raj ..Swami-One’s own master or one who has conquered his sense ) . The sva word root in sanskrit stands for one or a strong sense of ego. Swathi is a star that is fiercely independent.Since sanskrit is a language with multiple meanings for a word on many levels. Swathi also means an Sword which again feeds into the independence imagery. Looking at the star constellation picture below you will understand why it is imagined as a sword…

Swathi the Sword

It is also visualized as an bamboo shoot that can bend with the wind which gives Swathi born people the ability to change with situations. Swathi is ruled by Vayu the wind god .Vayu is also the prana vayu in one’s body having both the ability to move things and cleanse things as well. Swathi people share the same nomadic tendencies and will love to travel to different places.Swathi in another layer of meaning is also called as an priest and swathi born people usually like to study theology , religion and metaphysical subjects .Guna of the nakshatra is deva guna and people are straightforward as the sword both in action and deed : ).

The negative side of swathi is extreme ego and self centredness and a desire to possess everything for one’s own needs without caring for others.Rahu the ruling planet of swathi will usually make one a very sound businessman and gives financial success. Panchami is a tithi ruled by the moon and is a good day to relax from the tensions of the modern world …However Swathi’s upward moving restless energy will mix with the energy of Panchami and will create a day of moderate work.

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