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Amaravathi- Pancharama Kshetra 1


( This post might contain pictures sourced from various parts of the web and is primarily for disseminating knowledge on India’s ancient temples and does not carry any commericial interest. However if still the original picture uploaders have a problem will promptly delete them )

Ancient Name: Dharani Kota / Dhanya Kota /Amarapuram/

River Bank : Krishna

Kshetra: Pancharama and Datta Kshetra

How to Reach : Modern day Amaravathi is about 35 Kms from Guntur town and the temple city can be reached by bus.

History of the Temple : Amaravathi was the capital of the Satavahana Dynasty which ruled a huge swath of land consisting of modern day Maharashtra , Andhra Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.They ruled for about 450 yrs with the most famous of them being Gautami putra Satakarni .

Sthala Purana : Please read through the Pancharama Kshetra and Taraka Vadha story. In the final battle as Karthikeya’s Vel pierces Taraka’s chest the atma linga he had obtained from Parameswara shatters into five different pieces.Each one of these pieces lands and becomes the Pancharama Lingas. The biggest  piece of them all fell at Amaravathi and hence the linga at Amaravathy is a fifteen feet tall shiva linga.

🙂 The fine art of constructing temples according to Agama shastras has now been lost to us , it is a very intersting fact to notice that all the ancient temples had huge vertical shiva lingas and not the short ones that we see now. The Linga akara is more of an ellipsoid shape rather than the short stub we see today in modern architecture. The ellipsoid is the most fundamental of all shapes and reading through boring courses of mathematics you will discover that all shapes can be derived from an ellipsoid in 2D space. When you extend it to an 3D space it becomes an toroid which also incidentally the pattern from which an sri chakra can be derived. I would have to post a lot of underlying matter to explain this clearly , for now please note the authencity of ancient temples in sticking to the ellipsoid shape for the shiva linga.

Coming back to the other name of Amaravathy this was also the name of the city where Amara ( Lord Indra ) took refuge when he was chased by Taraka originally out of heaven . Since all the devatas took refuge here and made this city Dhanya .It was also called Dhanyakota or Amarapuram or Amaravathy.

Amaravathy was also the place where Gautama the Buddha preached the tenets of Buddhism and introduced the Kalacharka intiation to the faithful. Amaravathy is equally famous for its Buddhist stupas but for now I want to stick to the original Temple sthala purana.

15 Ft tall Ancient Shiva Linga Amareswara

Mukha Dwaram of the Temple

Main Arch of the Temple

During the recent floods waters of the Krishna

Official Website of the temple :

Deities present in the temple :

Look through the pictures and you will see the image of Bala Chamundeswari devi , Sri Guru Datta and Veerabhadra swamy in the pictures. The temple is divided into three avaranas or areas, the first area has the idols of Sri guru datta , Bala Chamundeswari and Omakareswara.The second area has idols of anjaneya , karthikeya , kalabhairava and ganapathi. The final area has the shiva lingas of Kalahasteeswara , Kasi Vishwesvara , Mallikarjuna and finally Amareswara himself.

May Lord Shiva’s grace shine on all of us .

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