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I have been kept busy with work hence the delay in updating posts. Today’s tithi is Dwadasi and the Lunar Month is Phalguna and Nakshtra is Sravana. I had done an earlier post on Sravana …just to recap

” Sravana is the star of Aquilae in the Western World

It is lorded by Soma the moon and corresponding deity is Lord Vishnu the preserver.

Aquilla consists of three stars and is also called the three footsteps of Lord Vishnu ( In his vamana avatara Lord Vishnu is known as Trivikrama …one who measured the cosmos in three footsteps ) . Lord vishnu being the preserver gives prosperity in this world of maya ( lorded by his consort goddess lakshmi ) . Sravana also having the moon is a very good star for learning.

Sravana is also connected to the Pipal tree under which Buddha got his englightenment….

For those of you who are in born in Sravana….it being a janma tara day is very good for all activities.”

Dwadasi is a tithi always ruled by the Sun. Even in Modern astronomy the Sun is the true source of light and nourishment, the moon gets its light from the Sun . The Sun stands for piercing of darkness through the weapon of truth or satya. Dwadasi is a good day for religious or spiritual activities , also a good day to start any activities . The energy of Sravana being of the Moon type and the Tithi being Sun type should make for a very pleasant day.

Also those of you keeping track of the weather. We are the end of the Phalguna month which marks the end of Winter. We will enter Chaitra Masa with the start of 16th March which will also be the Telugu New Year….

🙂 It is named Vikruta ( Last Year was Virodha ) …..

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