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Ugaadi-Yugaadi-Cheti Chand-Baisakhi-Bihu-Gudi Padva


Today is the day of Shukla Pratipada in the Month of Chaitra or better known as

1.Ugaadi- Telugu Region


3.Cheti Chand-Sindhis




7.Gudi Padva-Maharashtra

8.Nau Roz-Kashmiris

9. Poila Baisakh-Bengalis

10.Vishu- Kerala

11.Vishuva Sankranti- Orissa

🙂 It may also surprise you that in two days the Persians ( the ancient persian religion that existed before islam) also celebrate Nav Roz . The weekend will mark the Spring Equinox celebrated by the Pagans/Wiccans …the earth religions that existed before the sway of abrahamic faiths.

The vedic calendar talks about cycles of creation and this is the whole crux of astrology that whatever is happening right now has already happenned sometime in the past.

The total time of creation of the earth is called a Kalpa. According to the Surya Siddhanta a Kalpa consists of 14 Manvantaras.Each Manvantara is composed of 71 cycles of Chaturyugas….Each Chaturyuga is the famous sequence of … Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.

Kali yuga is of the duration of 432,000 years and the previous yugas are longer than the kali yuga in ratios of 2:3:4 .

This whole cyle is laid out in the Sristhi Samvat calendar and during our regular pujas we are reminded that 6 Manvantaras and 27 Chaturyugas have already passed away and we are currently in  5111 Yr of the present Kali yuga.

Coming to Yugaadi or beginning of creation. Pratipada is always the first day of the lunar calendar and the Sristhi Samvat says this was the day creation was begun by Lord Brahma. The same energy keeps on repeating in cycles and hence celebrating of the new year on this day leads to renewal.

Medically this is the month of Chaitra when spring starts and the cold has receded. The toxins stored by the human body by lack of exercise in the cold months and low digestive fire are slowly released into the blood stream as Ama. This is a good time for cleansing of the human body and purging it of toxins. This is also one of the reasons behind the Ugaadi Pacchadi . The famous well known sentimental reason is the Pacchadi itself carries the balanced ayurvedic six tastes which in turn represent the six foes and six emotional qualities of human life which must be both enjoyed equally and overcome as well .

Today also marks the start of the Vasanta Navaratri which is a great time to worship the mother goddess Durga. For the bhaktas of Sri Rama Chandra it marks the start of Rama Navaratri which will culminate with Sri Rama Navami .It is an excellent time for both worship of Ramachandra and the Goddess depending on your inclination.

Ugaadi Pacchadi -Ingredients

Vedic Time Cycle

The Current year Vikruti is the 24th in the cycle of 60 Luni Solar years which will repeat after the 60th year.Also mythology says Shalivahana the great Andhra King commenced his conquest on this day beginning the Shalivahana saka in the Indian timeline .

May this new year bring a lot of peace and happiness to all of you.

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