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Aswini-Tritiya 3rd day of Vasant Navaratri


Today’s tithi is Tritiya ruled by Mars and Nakshatra is Aswini. Also today is the third day of Vasant Navaratri or Sri Rama Navaratri . Tritiya is a tithi which is lorded by Vishnu ( Ruling planet and lording deity are different ) . Tritiya is a good day for work done with one’s  hands .The energy of Mars lends this quality to this day.  Ashvini the Nakshatra is also known as Alpha Arietis in the western world.

Alpha Aries-Ram in Western /Horse's head in Indian

Ashwini -Aries

The symbol for Aswini is a Horse’s head in the vedic astrology system. The ruling deities are the Aswini Kumaras the physicians of the gods . The ruling planet is Ketu . Actually compared to the western system in the Indian system only the three stars making up the head of the horse are considered as Ashwini . Ashwini bestows an childlike and playful nature to people with natal moon placed there. At the same time it gives a lot of energy and stubborness to the native as well .Ashwini is considered swift as the horse and is hence called a laghu nakshatra . The sense of dharma and upholding law can be strong here .Also the Sun gets exalted in this nakshatra giving the natives leadership qualities.

An very good quality associated with Ashwini is the power of healing . Any healing activity taken up on Ashwini will fructify very easily . Since it is lorded by the Ashwini kumara twins who are the divine physicians. The encoded imagery behind the horse’s head in the story of the Vajrayudha and sacrifice by Sage Dadichi .

The negative side of Ashwini is extreme stubborness and also aggressive mentality. Hitler had his natal moon placed in Ashwini , he also had other   Unmada yogas in his chart which is a different story .

Today is also the third day of the Vasant Navaratri .As mentioned before there are two Navaratris ( Vasant and Sharad ) . During Sharad Navaratri different schools of thought worship the mother in different forms . For example it is common to worship goddess saraswati on the third day , Some worship goddess Kali due to the Tritiya tithi , Some worship goddess ChandraGhanta who is a form of Durga ,others might worship a different form.The same sequence also applies for Vasant Navaratri.

It is just my opinion that the energy of this day lends more to the worship of  Goddess Chandraghanta , the mother viewed in any form is still the mother .It is just for the viewing pleasure of her children that she takes so many forms.Also for Sri Rama Bhaktas it is a great time to read one canto(kanda ) of the ramayana during these days.

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