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Uttara Phalguni Purnima -29th


Yesterday was a Purnima Tithi with Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra. Uttaraphalguni is known in the western world as Beta Leonis. The name is quite self explanatory and as you might have guessed by this time Uttaraphalguni is the star that is part of the Constellation of Leo or Leonis. In fact this is one of the very bright stars in the galaxy and is multiple times brighter than our own sun. No wonder the Ancients called this star constellation Simha or Leonis.

The vedic imagery of Uttaraphalguni is a little different though it still falls in the constellation of simha it is visualized along with three more stars to be the rear legs of an cot . Phalguna is reflowering or rejuventation ( which is why the first spring month of phalguna is rejuvenation in nature ) and Uttara Phalguni is the rear legs of the cot of healing. This star is an star of healing oneself and others. Sun is the source of all  health in the Universe and it is only apt that a star constellation ruled by the Sun should focus on healing.  The vedic deity for Uttara Phalguni is Aryaman . Aryaman is none other than the Sun god himself in one of his forms as the twelve adityas.  Aryaman can be intrepreted in many ways ( Arya +Man = Noble one or one who upholds dharma ) . Aha + Yama =  Yama is controller and Aha is time itself so controller of time ….Interesting thing to note is Yama is the sibling of Surya in mythology and is also the one who upholds dharma . 🙂 So it is really Surya who upholds dharma .

Shiva and Parvati were married when the Moon was in Uttaraphalguni and yesterday being a purnima was a double blessed day for meditation . Qualities of an person with natal moon in Uttaraphalguni are usually kind and loving nature .They usually possess a lot of energy and endurance to fight through things .They make good doctors due to the natural healing power of the Sun and will carry a inherent desire to help others. The star also has negative shades in that one might tend to have an over criticizing nature and inflated ego . The Animal symbol of the star being an Lion also indicates stubborness in accepting facts.

Beta Leonis -Uttaraphalguni

Simha -Lorded by the Sun

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