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Chaitra Hanuman Deeksha


Hanuman Jayanthi was the Purnima which occured on Monday . The great guru Samarth Ramadas ( also the guru of Shivaji ) whom I consider to be one of the truly great souls who has incarnated in the past few centuries held the view that Anjaneya was born on the Chaitra Sukla Purnima . However there is a slight difference in dates given by various scriptures. The southern part of India celebrates Hanuman Jayanthi starting this year with March 30th. This is also the start of the 40 day hanuman deeksha undertaken by many devotees.

The Jaina Teerthankara ( guru ) Mahavira was also born on the same day .  Now the northern states of Bihar , Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi in the time frame of May-June and also celebrate Hanuman Kalyanam to Suvarchala Devi !!!!.

What you may ask !!! When did Lord Hanuman get married and is this really true that the patron god of Bacherlors is no longer a bachelor.First the scriptural basis of this beleif is rooted is supported by the Khagendra Samhita, Saunaka Samhita written by the sage Saunaka, Sudarshana Samhita .Also supported by the Parashara Agama Samhita.

Suvarchala in meaning can be split this way ( Surya + Varchas+ la = Sun + Brilliance +La is the word root symbolizing birth ) . Suvarchala is the daughter of the Sun god born out of his brilliance , she is literally the representation of the light of the Sun.

Also this story of the wedding of Lord Hanuman is similar to the story of the wedding of Lord Karthikeya or Skanda. Both gods are firmly bachelors and represent the yogic qualities of an bachelor . Kathikeya is often represented along with Valli Devasena devi . The true reason for both these representation is this . Any deity is incomplete without the female aspect called the shakti . Take for example the worship of  Lord Narasimha ,often gurus clearly warn that a picture of Lord Narasimha without Lakshmi should never be put in the home of an normal sadhaka or householder. It can be worshipped alone by a high caliber spiritual aspirant seeking yogic goals . For the rest of the populace the power of Lord Nrisimha has to be counterbalanced by the calmness of the mother.

This when given in the encoded form of the mantra take the form of the very first lines where the mantra shakti is stated…Any mantra without its mantra shakti , utkilana ( unpiercing ) and shapoddhara ( curse removal ) will fail to have the slightest benefit in Kali yuga.The mantras were visualized by various rishis ( note the word visualized..Mantra Drashta ..not heard ) and always you will have to request the sages to give you permission to let you have the experience of that mantra.

Eg :

The Bhuvaneswari Mantra starts this way

Om Asya Shree Bhuvaneshwaree Hriday Stotrasya Shree Shaktih Rishih Gaayatri Chhandah Bhuvaneshwaree Devataa Ham Beejam

The Shakti of this mantra is Shree or Goddess Lakshmi who is the Creator Goddess or the most beautiful Bhuvaneswari . The Metre of the mantra or Chhandah is Gaayatri ..

So goes for every mantra and without invoking the shakti the mantra is fruitless.

The marriage of Hanuman to Suvarchala and Lord Karthikeya to Valli Devasena is the mythological story encoding this truth. The are various versions to the story and the most popular one goes this way. Lord Hanuman as you are aware was born with unparalled strength and as a baby swallowed the Sun and brought the cosmos to an halt. After the Sun was rescued with some cajoling by the Devatas and Lord Brahma himself , the baby Hanuman was blessed with many boons. Later on Lord Hanuman learnt many dharma sutras , vedas from brihaspati and he desired to get the true knowledge of the cosmos . Who better than Surya to impart this knowledge ,however the scriptures forbid an brahmachari from learning this or being imparted this knowledge. Suvarchala the daughter of Surya was also an perfect celibate and Lord Surya convinces both them that they can get married without breaking their vows of celibacy . After marriage the divine couple continue to maintain their vows engaged in spiritual sadhana.

As you can see the story is purely metaphysical in nature and if you look deeper you will find the hidden meaning .

There will be many more occasions to drink the divine nectar of the stories of Lord Hanuman and will post them as we go..

Tiruvalluvur Anajaneya Swami

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  1. p. samir kumar gupta permalink
    08/01/2012 6:04 AM

    very nice and informative article.

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