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Bheemaramam- Samarlakota Panchamarama Kshetra 4


Place/Kshetra : Samarlakota located 40 miles from Rajamahendrapuram  and 10 miles from Kakinada.

Architecture :  Chalukyan constructed in the 800 AD. Temple architecture is similar to Draksharamam . Renovated by the Kakatiyas

Presiding deity: Kumara Bheemeswara

Sthala Purana :  Samarlakota is known by many names as Chalukya Bheema ramam after the King Bheema of the Chalukya clan who started the construction of this temple . Also known as  Kumararamam since the Linga installation was done by Lord Karthikeya himself. After the death of Taraka   Lord Karthikeya decided to worship parameswara and this was the place chosen for the worship. Also one of the places where the fourth shard of the Taraka Atma linga was dropped .

Architecture : The temple is very similar to the temple in Draksharamam that it has an two story architecture and four gopurams to each direction. The Linga itself is gigantic and rises to the second story similar to the other temple. Devotees worship lord shiva only from upstairs and the height of the linga is similar to the Draksharamam temple except it is completly white in colour. The temple also has an beautiful sculpture of Nandeeshwara facing Lord shiva which has been carved from a single stone. This Nandhi is known as Eka-Shila -Nandhi .

The main temple has an Mantapam consisting of hundred pillars and there is a water tank on the eastern side of the temple called the Koneti pushkarini . Similar to the Draksharamam temple this temple is also an shakta site and has an beautiful image of the divine mother in her Bala Tripura Sundari form.

In some ways these two temples ( Draksharamam and Bheemaramam ) can be called twin temples in architectural styles and construction.

P.S. Once again various images have been sourced from the web.All credit to the original uploaders.

Entrance to the temple

Front view of the Kumara Bheemeswara

Side View of the temple

Two story structure similar to Draksharamam

Eka Shila Nandhi in the temple

one of the many beautiful sculptures in the temple

top of the linga as seen from the top

May Lord Shiva’s grace shine on all of us.

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