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Understanding the Human Mind -Series


I have long considered psychology to be a field that applies the wrong tools to cure ills of the human mind.I view allopathy the same way as well . Both fields have always searched for mechanical models to the human body without acknowleding the effect of thought and consciousness in shaping the human body . This has also given rise to the “gene effect ” which tends to rationalize everything by searching for causes in the gene. This was brilliantly refuted by the Stanford Epigenetist Dr Bruce lipton. Dr Lipton also wrote the famous book ” Biology of beleif ” which definetly deserves a separate post.

Long serving Psychologists and doctors often discover after a lifetime of prescribing chemicals to their patients that the chemicals do not cure anything and they just suppress the symptoms of the disease . The human mind is a wonderful chemical laboratory which can manufacture all the anti depressants and happy hormones without any artificial chemicals. Ayurveda calls this rasa or the life essense.

Below is an article from the Nytimes from a practising psychiatrist who laments the culture of prescribing drugs for every mental problem when the mind itself can be used to cure many patients.This is why many hospitals have established alternate medicine care units like the famous Mt Sinai hospital in New york where many qualified doctors who originally obtained degrees in traditional medicine serve now.

For your reading pleasure. The article is real good.

Daniel Carlat is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine and the publisher of The Carlat Psychiatry Report. His book, “Unhinged: the Trouble With Psychiatry,” will be published in May.


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