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Ramappa Temple -Orugallu


Now that we have successfully completed the Pancharama Kshetras ,it is time to turn our attention to some of the other beautiful temples in Trilinga desa.

Kshetra: Ekasila Nagaram .Legend has it that the entire city of Orugallu ( Oru means one and gallu is stone in local dialect telugu )  was carved out of a single stone . Orugallu is modern day Warangal in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Architects : The Kakatiyas left many architectural wonders though only three  survive today. The three are the Swayambhu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva , Ramalingeswara temple or Ramappa temple and Bhadrakali temple.

Location: The temple is located on the bank of the Ramappa lake near the Palampet village .

History: Built by the Kakatiyas and later destroyed partially by the Bahamani rulers and Qutub Shahis. Ganapati Deva’s commander Recherla Rudra built this temple .

This is one of the most beautiful temples and the architecture is simply mind blowing.

The temple itself was built by Ramappa Sthapati and is a tribute to Ramalingeswara ( the linga installed by Lord Rama and worshipped by him before the siege of Lanka ) . Ramappa was from Kannada desha originally and painstakingly built this temple . The architecture of this temple is similar to the other Kannada desa temples in employing the raised platform for the  main portion of the temple. Intricrate carvings are present on all the walls of the temple depicting various mythological stories.

Enjoy the pics guys ….truly one of the mesmerizing and peaceful temples.All credit to the original uploaders of the pics .Pictures are sourced from various places on the web and are being shared only to showcase the beauty of India and not with an commerical intent.

Ramappa Lake

Ramappa temple side view

Ramappa lake guesthouse

Long shot

Sculptures from the interior

Beautiful carvings on the walls

Interior of the temple

Main hall of the temple

Pillar Carvings

Side view

Nandi waiting for Lord Shiva

May the light of Lord Shiva shine on all of us.

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