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Balarama Jayanti & Parashurama Jayanti & Akshaya Tritiya -May 16th


May 16th is the lunar month of Nija Vaisakha in the calendar year of Vikriti .Nakshatra for this day is the blessed Mrigashirsha . Mrigashirsha is Orionis the hunter and is one of the best nakshatras for doing sadhana.

May 16th is the day

Lord Vishnu incarnated as Parashurama

Bhargava Parashurama

It is also the day

Lord Balarama took birth.

Lord Balarama

It is also the day

Basaveswara the founding saint of the Lingayat Community took birth. Basaveswara was a great poet saint of Karnataka who found salvation in Lord Shiva.

King Saint Basavanna

It is also the day

of Akshaya Tritya -The day on which the Sun and Moon are both exalted in their positions in the cosmic sky.

It is also the day

Goddess Ganga descended to earth as Jahnavi…..

Gangadhara Shiva...Gangadhara

It is also the day of beginning of the age of Sat yuga in the cycle of ages.

It is also the day Lord Ganesha started writing the Mahabharata.

Lord ganesha starts writing the great epic.

It is such a blessed blessed day that it is said a japa of 100 times done on this day is equal to an japa of 100000 times.The energy of this day carries the imprint of the birth of so many avataras of the Lord in different forms . Sun represents the soul in yogic tradition and the moon represents the mind in yogic tradition. With both Sun and the Moon being exalted on this day it is an excellent day for breath to be stabilized in both nostrils which is an essential pre-requisite for sadhana/meditation.

People typically buy gold on this day since with an material bent of mind they beleive it will repeat a thousand times. It is my personal opinion that this day is not a day to be wasted on trivial material pursuits but is a day which can be dedicated totally to spiritual pursuits. All of us have a very busy schedule to deal with in kali yuga .Please do not let this day go waste. In the greater sense if you can dedicate  a tiny portion of everyday to meditate it would go a long way towards peace in the individual home and world peace on a larger scale. If you cannot meditate everyday atleast utilize the days which are spiritually potent .

Technically April should have been the month in which Akshaya tritya occured but due to adhika masa , Akshaya tritya is the day of May 16th.

May the light of Lord Shiva shine on all of us.

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