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Pranic Healing -CBS Special


Continuing our series on understanding the human body and mind we shall explore the role of healing and disease in the human body. Modern medicine has viewed the body as an amalgamation of moving parts since the dark ages. Based on the autopsies conducted on dead corpses the modern theory of surgery was drawn up where every disease is supposed to be the outcome of some wrong habit or aging.  Modern medicine did not even give a chance to the arguement that the human mind might be responsible for many diseases of the mind and body. The 1970’s and 1980’s finally proved the Placebo effect and firmly established the psycho-somatic model of the human body. Science finally agreed that thoughts can have an immense effect on the human body. Accupuncture and Accupressure which were once regarded to be quackery started to rise in popularity and finally found their way into the operating rooms of prestigious hospitals like the Mt Sinai hospital which now has an full fledged alternate healing department where patients can request to be given accupressure instead of anasthesia before an operation.

Pranic healing and Reiki are two ancient arts which were lost in the medevial ages and were rediscovered by spiritual masters in the 19th century .Both arts owe their origin to Bharata and its yogic systems.

Watch this CBS special on Pranic healing.

The great thing about pranic healing is that anybody can learn to do pranic healing without any prior experience. It is a great tool which can be used to heal oneself and others if one has an open mind. The simple but extremely powerful twin hearts meditation is the foundation of the Pranic healing practise.

Resources for Pranic healing

May the light of Lord Shiva shine on all of us .

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