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Navami -PurvaPhalguni May 21st


Tithi of the day is Navami and the Nakshatra today is PurvaPhalguni. Purvaphalguni in the western world is known as Leonis .In vedic astrology the two stars Leonis and Zosma are the ones which are called as PP.PP is lorded by Shukra the guru of the rakshasas and its deity is Bhaga ( god of good fortune and prosperity ) . PP is visualized in western world as the lion constellation ,whereas the ancient hindus preferred to identify it with the front legs of an cot , hammock . It is also known as Pubba in south India.

The primary motivation of this star is Kaama or fulfillment of desires. It is a very sensual and creative star which has a lot of the same energy. It bestows an youthful,carefree nature as well. It also symbolizes pleasure , passion , well being and youthfullness.Venus also being the presiding planet grants the PP native interest in music , fine arts , drama etc. PP is a great star to have for one born in this star will usually suceed over adversaries and will strive his/her best to realize his desires.

On the other hand PP if afflicted in the natal chart bestows a very sinister dark energy to the native. Venus can make one either a playboy or an perfect sanyasi. Shukracharya himself obtained the maha mrityunjaya mantra from Lord shiva and underwent many austerities. It is always the law of nature that one who has learnt the art of killing will also make the best protector , he will also be the one to understand the true meaning of ahimsa . The same way many a scoundrel who had indulged in debauchery turned into some of the best bhakti saints because they learnt to run after the beauty of god instead of the beauty of mere mortals.  Coming back to the negative side of PP, PP if afflicted will produce a left handed tantrik of the highest order with a lot of vanity and ego.


Notice why the imagery of a Cot comes up

Pleasure seeker or Mystic

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  1. Mukund permalink
    05/16/2012 10:09 PM

    Hello Sir

    I am Mukund, Nakshatra is LEO can u tell me about me?


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