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Kalahasti Rajagopuram Collapses- Veera Brahmendra Prediction


The 500 yr old Rajagopuram of the Sri Kalahasti temple collapsed yesterday in India. It is really a testimony to the fact that the consecutive governments have literally turned a blind eye to the maintenance and restoration of these vedic temples. I could write pages and pages on the votebank politics involved in this mismanagement but it would serve no purpose .  ” Yatha Praja Thata Raja ” —The people get the government they deserve and I can only sincerely pray the masses awaken some day . However deep down in my heart I know this is how it is meant to be for karmic cycles of good and bad alternate in the divine providence scheme of things.

The divine providence parts bring me to the karmic prediction behind this incident. The mahabharata was recently dated to have occured around 3102 B.C ,again there were a lot of vested interests who wanted to fit the date of the mahabharata to fit their bibilical view of the world and they were successful in doing so for the past fifty years.

Recently Prof of Physics  Narahari Achar of the University of Memphis using the Sky Map Pro Planetarium software used twelve precise astronomical combinations mentioned at key places in the Mahabharata to recreate the astronomical picture of the sky at that time and arrive at a  scientifically possible date of the great war.

If interested please watch the video below

Anywaz leaving aside the politics part of it .  The Mahabharata war with the precise astronomical combinations would have taken place around 3000 B.C which means 5000 Yrs have passed since Kali yuga began.The war itself was an act of divine providence to remove key rulers from various places so that Kali yuga could start.

Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy was one of the prominent siddha saints from Andhra Pradesh who performed a huge number of miracles during his lifetime and took jeeva samadhi near Kadapa in the 16th century. The saint had immense compassion for humanity and decided to take jeeva samadhi to help out serious sadhaka’s later on as well. Today he is famous as the Nostradamus of India. This post is too small to cover his lifestory .However one of his prominent predictions was this

” After Kali enters 5000 yrs the Rajagopuram of the Sri Kalahasti temple will break and that will mark the deepening of Kali …..”

The Prediction goes on to describe rest of the effects  and this year we have had volcanic eruptions , earthquakes  at various parts of the world ( Haiti and others ) and maybe many more to come.Also some of the prominent astrologers at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan run by one of the foremost astrologers of India ( K.N Rao ) have said starting from this year till the end of 2012 the earth enters a very tumultous phase.

2012 will also mark the actual physical reversal of the Magnetic field of the earth.

How much more can mother earth tolerate the folly of its children…

We drill her blood ( Oil ) for powering our comfortable lifestyle

We tear apart her lungs ( forests ) for making our Mcd Burgers ( google corn and soya production for fattenning animals)

We bulldoze the mountains for extracting minerals and coal…

We are making sure 1000 species are going extinct every year……

I only pray mankind realizes it shares this planet with many other living creatures.

Time repeats in cycles and hopefully the divine justice shall not be too harsh. The ancients who had the techology to map the heavens  were wise enough to revere nature as the form of the divine mother. They did not adopt a modern lifestyle not for lack of technology but because they saw very clearly what the macabre dance of modern technology would bring.

Wait you may say ” We are inventing the Electric car and we will bring forth many such inventions in the future ”

The electric car depends on Lithium batteries for its energy storage and where will you find Lithium for the whole world …

Surely we will dig up the bowels of the earth again.

Wait you may say again ” We are inventing life in the laboratories …We will find a cure for AIDS ”

Sure why do we have no documented cases of AIDS before 1980 ? Have you ever stopped and pondered what the modern lifestyle brings.

The latest study by the toxicology society of America finds the presence of 50 Toxic industrial chemicals in the average American’s blood.

Surprised dont be …..This is the price we pay. Enough for a single post.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu.

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  1. Guest permalink
    12/16/2010 12:33 AM


    The post was nice. Could you please give a pointer as to where Shri.K.N. Rao said world will enter a tumultous phase starting 2010 till end 2012? I have only read him saying, “end of the world theories arent true” (please dont take my words as exactly what he said).
    And as far as VeeraBhrahmendra Swami’s prophecies are considers, I am not saying his prophecies are wrong, but I believe there were many “added” prophecies to the original ones over the past. So we will never know for sure if the prophecy of Kalihasti temple is an original or an added one.

    I would be really excited if you clarify my doubts.


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