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Kalahasti Rajagopuram Collapse-Part 2


I wanted to add some further astrological notes on the combination in the sky and some further info for people who might be interested in the astrological basis of  why a great siddha saint like Veera Brahmendra predicted this would happen.This post is not for fear mongering , it is only for some insight into the saint’s prediction. The world will not end in 2012 however a lot of natural calamities might occur and the face of modern society will definetly change.

Rubble of the collapsed gopuram

Some interesting things to note.

1.There are five shiva temples in India which represent the Pancha bhootas ( five elements ) . Please do not confuse them with the other 12 jyotirlinga temples which are built on shakti  sthalas ( energy centres of the earth ) . The Kalahasti temple is an Vayu Linga ( Air Tattwa ) .

2.If you ever get an chance to visit the Temple you will clearly notice the lamps in the sanctum sanctorum ( Garbha Griha ) of the temple flicker even though there is no other opening in the garba griha. The lamps sway very distinctly and gracefully as if an breeze is passing over them. The garba griha is located very deep inside the temple and it cannot be explained by the normal air present in the temple.

The swaying is due to the Vayu tattwa of the Linga.

3. Kalahasti is also the Rahu Ketu kshetra, anyone suffering from Rahu/Ketu problems are usually advised to perform puja at the temple. Rahu and Ketu are the karmic nodes in one’s horoscope and they usually determine the present karma.

*****The section below is for the astrologically minded , dont worry if you do not understand much of the below *****

4.In the current Transit chart of the planets calculated with May 31st as the date of the collapse with Kalahasti longitude and latitude.You will notice that Jupiter and Saturn are in perfect opposition and are stationary . Planets when stationary exert an powerful influence.

5.The last time Jupiter and Saturn were stationary (also in opposition ) was in 1940 when World War -2 was raging .Hitler had successfully conquered vast swaths of the european continent and was marching onto Russia.However a key difference is this the avastha ( mood ) of the planets was towards destruction whereas the current mood is towards destruction and then restoration.

Sometimes tough medicine is necessary to cure some evils.

Many other learned astrologers have commented that the next two years will see a lot of natural calamities but it will lead to a phase of temporary peace for a few hundred years after which we start the descent into Ghora Kali .

What must be the divine insight of the saint who predicted this to happen 400 yrs ago and what must his compassion be to take jeeva samadhi to guide people for centuries .

At the feet of Sadguru Veera Brahmendra .

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