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Ammachi tours the Usa


Ammachi who is affectionately called as the hugging saint by her followers will be touring Usa in this month. She is definetly one of the most simple and spiritually advanced masters of this age. If interested please avail of the multiple free public programs being conducted in many states starting from June 3rd. Please refer to the link above for dates and venue locations.

It takes huge energy to hug thousands and Ammachi the ever compassionate has so far hugged 30 million people worldwide often bringing them to tears. Only a saint could have so much compassion.Amma’s mission donated 47 million to the tsunami releif as shown in the CNN video below.

The program in northern california is being conducted at

San Ramon ( June 3-June 12 )


M.A. Center
10200 Crow Canyon Rd
Castro Valley, CA –  94552

Public Program events.

We are truly delighted to have Amma’s physical presence in the N. America again this year. She will be visiting ten cities starting from the Pacific Northwest and traveling through the Midwest to the East Coast, ending in Canada this summer. There will be free public programs in eleven cities (Seattle, San Ramon, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Toronto) and six retreats.

On most public program days, there are two programs each day i.e. during the day (at 10:00 am) and the evening (at 7:30 pm). During these programs all are welcome to come and meet Amma and receive her darshan. Darshan means receiving a blessing in the form of a compassionate hug from Amma. Devi Bhava programs (ceremony in celebration of the Divine Mother) occur once in most cities on the last day of the program during the evening (at 7:00 pm). Please find more details below.

Numbered tokens for entering the darshan line to meet Amma are distributed one hour before each program, with priority given to those meeting Amma for the first time.Please Note: Due to time constraints token availability may be limited.

  • Morning Programs Morning Programs:
    Darshan: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Evening Programs Evening Programs:
    Darshan: 7:30 pm – end
    Dinner: 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm
  • Devi Bhava Programs Devi Bhava Programs:
    Atma Puja: 7:00 pm
    Darshan: 8:00 pm – end
    Dinner: 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ What is Darshan?Darshan is Amma’s blessing that comes in the form of a compassionate hug.
  • FAQ Will lunch be served during morning programsA delicious vegetarian lunch is served and snacks are available for a modest fee.
  • FAQ What are the events during evening programs?The evening program starts with spiritual talk (either by Amma and/or one of Amma’s senior disciples or devotees). This is followed by devotional singing (bhajans).Following this darshan continues for those that did not receive darshan in the morning.
  • FAQ Will Dinner be served?Dinner is served every evening for a modest fee at 6:00 pm (before the programs begin) and at 10:00 pm (after the bhajans). For Devi Bhava nights please see below.
  • FAQ What is Atma PujaAtma Puja is a ceremony done for spiritual advancement of the world.
  • FAQ When does Darshan usually end?
    Darshan continues until the last person is received by Amma.
  • FAQ What dress should be worn?We request that you respect the Indian traditions by dressing conservatively and avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, tight clothes or short skirts.

Two excellent videos  done by ABC Nightline and CNN  on Ammachi

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