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Ashlesha Nakshatra-Panchami


Today’s tithi is Panchami and Nakshtra is Ashlesha.The sanskrit word root Ashleshana means to cling , embrace and entwine. This Nakshatra is the star constellation of   Sigma , Delta,Mu ,Epsilon Hydrae.  Hydrae is the largest star constellation consisting of a few double stars and stars.  It is interesting to note the name of Hydrae comes from the mythical story of Hercules battling the multi headed monster snake Hydra in greek mythology. Western astronomy compares it to the shape of snake. Hindu astrology also visualizes this star system as a snake and hence the naming of the word Ashlesha.

Ruling Planet : Budha /Mercury

Symbol: Coiled Serpent

Ruling Deity : Sarpa devatas

Ashlesha energy carries itself similar to the movement of a snake. If the negative qualities predominate people born in this star will be equally secretive ,scheming and deceptive. On the positive side the snake also represents the spiritual energy of knowledge hence its imagery on many temple walls.  The one quality of Ashlesha that will be present irrespective of positive or negative traits is magnetism.Snakes possess great magnetism which shows up in their piercing eyes . 🙂 If you ever manage to catch a snake and  stare into its  eyes ( not that I would recommend it )  you will notice that it would be very hard to turn your gaze away from its eyes. People born in Ashlesha will have very magnetic eyes.  Also this is a very karmic star and is the birth star of Ketu.  It is very interesting to note the DNA molecule also has a curved helical snake like shape and it is through our genes that we share our inherited karma and traits.

This is generally a very tough star to deal with but if one is able to calm their inner snakes of their psyche they will inherit the greater spiritual energy of Ashlesha.Gana of this nakshatra is Rakshasa gana which will need no explanation .However the ancient sages did classify this nakshatra as sattwic as well. This paradox fits well with the energy of snakes.It is a either a boon or curse , if the negativity is overcome it leads to great positive energy.

Delta Sigma Hydrae Constellation

Largest star constellation-Notice the curved water snake

Double symbolism of the snake-Good and bad

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  1. Shraddha permalink
    03/16/2011 2:17 AM

    Am Shraddha, i have a d’ter who’s born on 26th september 2008 at 4.56a.m. She is born with aslesha nakshatra, i hav named her has Radheeya. I have heard people saying Aslesha nakshatra is a bad nakshatra to be born in. Is it so? At times my d’ter goes very crazy,cries a lot n troubles a lot for food. Doesnt mix up well, fights and doesnt sleep constant. Am born on 26th april 1986 at 4.30 p.m. Please let me know how do i deal with my d’ter to keep her out of the negetivity of this nakshatra.

    With regards, thanks

  2. Tania permalink
    08/03/2011 12:02 AM

    Dear Shradda,

    I am also born under Aleesha Star. Lots of Astrologers say that is it a bad sign.
    Remember snakes also represent kundali energy ( means pure potential). We can do alot of great things ( Gandhi and Neru are born under Aleesha) or bad things. Some of us are very innocent – primordial energy, childlike and innocence, a snake will normally poison if it was disturbed. This world may seem strange to us. So I will strongly recommend that you teach your daughter skills. Social skills and meditation ( deal with Stress). Ever since I practice Transcendental meditation, I manage stress well and able to make new friends.

  3. tejaswini permalink
    12/28/2011 8:12 PM

    dont worry , take her to lord krishna temple atleast once a week so that it ll restore calmness in your d’ter and she ll be fine

  4. k.venkateshwar rao permalink
    01/02/2012 1:56 AM


    I am born on 1982-07-22(Mid-night 12:10) , I wanted to know when will i get married with whom and how my married life will be.

    Name :k.venkateshwar rao
    DOB : 22-07-1982
    sign: cancer
    nakshatra : ashlesha 3r pada
    time :12:10 (midnight)


  5. s.harish permalink
    07/07/2012 7:16 PM

    im harish i born in aslesha nakshatra i born on april20,1994 at nearly3:15pm. i feel vry bad when people say that aslesha nakshatra is a bad nakshatra and i has a lot o negetive qualities. i saw many web sites abouts qualities of aslesha ya i have some of those qualities but i want to be a good person with ful of positive attitude please say what to do please. . .

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