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Trayodasi-Visakha June 23rd


Today’s tithi is Trayodasi and Nakshatra is Visakha.Trayodasi is a good tithi for establishing and growing relationships .It is also good for celebrating the good things of life. The Nakshatra Visakha is better known as the star constellation of ( Alpha,beta ,Gamma ) Librae in the western world.In greek mythology Astraea was one of the last goddesses to ascend to heaven .She forms the star constellation of Virgo ( Kanya ) and when finally she reached the heavens she placed the scales of justice nearby. The scales of justice became the next constellation closest to Kanya which is Libra ( balance of power,justice ) .

The ancient Indians visualized the constellation as spreading branches of a tree and hence the name Visakha ( Shaka the word root is for branches and adding Vi denotes growth) . This is a nakshatra of slow and steady growth.Often the Nakshatra is also visualized as an archway or gateway .

Nakshatra Lord : Jupiter

Presiding Deity: Indra and Agni

Symbol: Archway, Tree

Vishaka represents the power of expansion and steady growth.Its energy is very similar to the energy of plowing a field , planting the seeds and reaping the harvest. Both the energy of Indra and Agni is present for this nakshatra.Visakha natives typically get slow sucess in their life and often have to work very hard. Vishaka also bestows a lot of patience on persons who have moon in Visakha due to the calming influence of Jupiter.Vishaka is a Sattwic nakshatra due to the above qualities.

The negative qualities of this star are an extreme shift of the good qualities. What was patience becomes arrogance due to disregard for other’s advice.What was expansion becomes the desire for power and leads to dictatorship and extreme ambition.  Vishaka though Sattwick by guna becomes a mixed nakshatra in terms of  energy. Vishaka is also known as Radha since the love of Radha and Krishna symbolizes the energy of Vishaka. Radha’s love for Krishna broke many societal conventions at its time but was very pure in its essence .Vishaka’s  energy is similar as well.

Famous people with moon in Visakha

1.Nicole Kidman-Hollywood Actress

2.Demi Moore-Hollywood Actress

3.Prince Charles-Britain Royalty

4.Carl sagan-Cosmologist and Astronomer

5.Whoopi Goldberg-Hollywood Performer (comedian ,actress)

🙂 If you note all three actresses with Vishaka moon ( Nicole ,Demi moore and Whoopi ) had to struggle for a long time before they got some sucess.

Scales of Libra

Stars of Libra-Quadrangle,Scales of Liberty

Actual night time picture of Visakha ( the four bright stars are the scales)

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