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Kalaganti Kalaganti -Annamacharya Keerthana


Kalaganti Kalaganti is one of the early Annamacharya Keerthanas and contains a beautiful description of the Poet saint’s vision of the Lord Venkateswara .The Keerthana is in simple archaic telugu which is not hard to follow if you have some knowledge of telugu. However it is tough in a fast paced world to keep up with everything. From time to time will keep posting the translations of some of the famous Keerthanas to enable readers to better understand these songs.The song is a sort of intiation for the Poet Saint when he is granted a vision of the Lord and starts his journey to Tirumala influenced by the vision.

Kalaganti Kalaganti

Kalaganti Kalaganti
Ippuditu Kalaganti
EllalOkamulaku appadagu tiru venkataadreesuganti

Kalaganti  Kalaganti

Atisayambaina Seshaadhri Sikharamuganti
Pratileni Gopura Prabhaluganti
Satakoti suryatejamulu Velugagaganti
Chaturaasyu Podaganti chaturaasyu podaganti
chayyana melukonti

Ippuditu kalaganti

Arudaina Samkhachakraadu lirugadaganti
SarilEni abhaya hastamunukanti
Tiru venkataachaladhipuni choodagaganTi
hariganti guruganti
hariganti guruganti
antaTa melukanti

Kalaganti Kalaganti

Kalaganti Kalaganti=  Kala means dream and the poet is referring to his dream of the Lord.

Ippuditu Kalaganti= This very moment have dreamnt of ….

EllalOkamulaku= Loka means the cosmos .Ella Lokamulaku means the multiple galaxies and cosmos.

appadagu = Appa is a term for father in southern languages especially Kannada , Tamil etc. Appadagu refers to the Lord as the father of the Worlds.

tiru venkataadreesuganti = Tiru refers to the hills of Tirumala and Venkatrdi is the prominent hill where the temple is located. So the Lord of the Venkatdri hill Lord Venkateswara himself.

Kalaganti  Kalaganti= I dreamnt …..

Atisayambaina= Atisaya means giving rise to great wonderment…

Seshaadhri Sikharamuganti = Seshadri is the other peak in the tirumala hills where Adisesha the vehicle of Lord Vishnu is situated. Sikharamu refers to the peak of the Hill. Annamayya is praising the holy hill.

Pratileni= Without a match in the world.

Gopura Prabhaluganti = Gopura is the tallest component of a temple and rises above the temple. Prabha means light literally .The poet is describing that he has envisioned the glowing gopura of the temple in his dream.

Satakoti= Koti refers to a crore. Satakoti refers to Hundred  Crores

suryatejamulu Velugagaganti = Suryatejamu refers to brilliance of the sun. The poet is saying it is as if a thousand suns are lighting up the skies…Such is the splendour of the Lord.

Chaturaasyu Podaganti chaturaasyu podaganti = I behold the four armed beautiful form of Lord Vishnu

chayyana melukonti= Beholding the immense beauty of the lord it is as if the poet is jolted awake.

Ippuditu kalaganti= Just now had this stunning dream….

Arudaina= Arudu refers to something that you get rarely

Samkhachakraadu lirugadaganti = He is beholding the Shanka and Chakra on both sides of the lord

SarilEni=Without a match again.

abhaya hastamunukanti = Abhaya means without fear. The lord always displays the abhaya mudra where he gives refugee to his devotees. Hastamu refers to the hands of the Lord.

Tiru venkataachaladhipuni choodagaganTi = I behold the Lord of the Venkatadri hill …Lord Venkatachalapathi himself.

hariganti guruganti = Hari is Lord Vishnu….I behold my lord Vishnu

hariganti guruganti = Har is also my Guru…..I behold my Guru

antaTa melukanti = It is almost as if the poet cannot take in the immense beauty of the lord and wakes up….

Kalaganti Kalaganti = I just had this beautiful dream

At the feet of Annamayya

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  1. Parthiban permalink
    09/21/2012 12:05 AM

    What we can say on Annamayya’s Keerthanulu. Even we haven’t eligibility to give the comments on it as he is own son of lord and these kirthanas came from his Nirmala Heart and Lord Grace. Acharyan Thiruvadigale Saranam…

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