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Jyestha Nakshatra-Dwadasi July 22nd


Today’s Nakshatra is Jyestha and Tithi is Dwadasi. Jyestha is called by the name of (Alpha,Tau,Sigma ) Scorpii in the western world.It also contains one of the brightest stars Antares and in general forms the sign of Scorpio. Jyestha literally translates to the eldest one and the sense of power and ego is strongest in this nakshatra.Jyestha is also the eldest wife of Lord Soma (moon ) , the metaphysical meaning has been explained many times previously and refer to the posts on other Nakshatras. It is interesting to note Jyestha is directly opposite the Rohini Nakshatra which is the exaltation spot for Lord Soma .

Lord of Nakshatra : Budha (Mercury )

Ruling deity of Nakshatra : Lord Indra

Symbol:Earring or Circular Amulet or Talisman

This Nakshatra is a star of authority , everything in nature happens in circles. The circle of life and death , karma and many more things. Kings or person in authority were supposed to connected to these power circles and hence the natural visualization as this being a Circular amulet of power.Also the ruling deity Indra adds more meaning to this image.Jyestha can also confer a lot of material wealth , the circle imagery also gives rise to the image of the snake swallowing its own tail. This Nakshatra can also give occult knowledge .Also since the ego is very strong in this Nakshatra it leads to the native always striving to maintain a certain image in the eyes of society.Depending on the crowd one hangs out with this could be both good and bad.In societies that award waywardness this will lead to debauchery and in places where charity is honoured it will lead to donations for the sake of name. The negative traits of Jyestha manifest as deep rooted desires for revenge and anger.

Jyestha born people have one extremely good trait and that is the trait of protecting the others. They will plung themselves headlong into trouble to save even strangers if they promised them protection . They will have an excellent career in the police and military .They will also make for excellent humanitarian aid workers and social activists.

The Nakshatra has an airy tattva associated with it and this is due to the lordship of mercury with this star.Mars the ruler of scorpio also lends some its fiery energy to this constellation.Jyestha people can rise very high materially.

Famous people

J Krishnamurthi: The famous philosopher had his moon in Jyestha.Krishnamurthi was much acclaimed though he had his own share of stubborn traits  .

Al Pacino: Needs no introduction (Hollywood star ) known for his dark roles.

Frank Sinatra :American Singer and Actory.Very famous, had a very tormented life with depression issues.

Elvis Presley: Famous Musician but had a tormented personal life.

Princess Diana: British royalty ( again had a tormented personal life )

Winston Churchill:Prime miniter of Great britain from 1940 to 1945. Great wartime leader.Notice the traits of Jyestha come to the fore here.Strong military leadership.

Jyestha in the sign of Scorpio.The bright power circle is Jyestha

Actual Nasa picture of Night time with constellations

Imagine Jyestha as the ring held in the claws of the Scorpion

The bright spot is the circle of Power-Jyestha

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  1. Sachin Thakkar permalink
    10/11/2012 7:27 PM

    I am blessed with a baby boy 20 days ago on 22nd September 2012, at 13:54 hrs in Pune city. My sons name is Yuvraj, His moon sign is Scorpio n lagna is Dhanu and Nakshtra Is Jyeshtha pad 4.

    I am worried about him as his Nakshtra is inauspicious. I want to see him Happy in his life as i my nakshtra is vishakha and experienced very bad (good too) days in my life. Please suggest me some remedy to make his life Happy.

    Thank you

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