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Krittika-Navami Aug 4th


Today’s tithi is navami and Nakshatra is Krittika .This star is known by the name of Pleidaes in the western world and is symbolized by a knife or spear. Pleidaes star cluster is also known as the star cluster of the seven sisters.The story behind this star cluster is very interesting both from the greek mythology point of view and the hindu vedic story of the birth of Karthikeya.

The word root “Plein” means to sail and Pleiades means the sailing queen and her seven daughters.The seven daughters were born to the Titan Atlas and his wife Pleion .

Astronomically this star cluster consists of seven stars which are very luminous and blue in colour.This star cluster is the closest to the earth and the distance to these stars is called the first step in the cosmic distance ladder.

Pleidaes star cluster-Composite Nasa Image

In Hindu mythology the Krittika were the wives of the seven holy progenitor sages of the human race. They were known by the names of Arundhati ( Amba ) , Nityai,Dula ,Abrayanti,Maghayanti,Varshayanti,Chupunika .These seven great rishi mothers later take care of the Infant Lord Karthikeya who is known as Karthikeya because he was mothered by the seven Krittika.

Ruling deity:Agni

Ruling Planet:Sun/Ravi

Symbol: Knife/Spear

In the story of Lord Karthikeya the blazing essence of Lord shiva is carried by Agni to the Saravana forest where the baby is nursed by the Krittika. This ties into the metaphysical meaning of this star being lorded by Agni. This star gives rise to natural fighters and tenacious will to achieve greatness. This star has the capability to cut through all kinds of negative tendencies.The word Krittika in sanskrit also means the cutting star and star on fire . Agni as pavaka purifies all the things in the world and the same energy is conveyed by the energy of this star.Two padas of this star fall in the constellation of Taurus as well and this gives rise to interest in the fine arts and produces fine singers and artists.

The negative side of Krittika is extreme anger and stubborness .Also since agni also represents the digestive fire in the human body ,this star produces good cooks as well. On the negative side this can manifest as obsession with food.

Famous People with Krittika Nakshatra:

Ammachi: Hugging saint of India.

Swami Kriyananada:Disciple of Paramhamsa Yogananda

Swami Muktananda :Siddha yoga guru ,had his own share of controversies.

Bill Clinton: Needs no introduction.Former US president

Ronald Reagan: Former US President

The spear of Krittika-Can you trace the shape as a Knife

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