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Anuradha Nakshatra -Shashti Sep 13


Today’s Tithi is Shashti and Nakshatra is Anuradha.In the western world this star formation  is known to consist of three stars ( Beta, Delta and Pi Scorpionis ) . This star formation is entirely located within the constellation of Scorpion. If you examine the word root of Anuradha it can mean various things at various levels. One primary meaning of this star is the power to worship or Aradhana Shakti . This star formation is hence lorded by Mitra ( form of the sun god who imparts compassion , devotion and love ) and the Planet lording this nakshatra is Saturn. The symbol for this star formation is a archway or lotus flower.The symbolism of the lotus depicts the ability to flower even in difficult cirumstances or problems in life.

Also within this star formation lies the star called Alpha Centauri and the speciality of this star is that it is the closest star to our solar system.  Anuradha natives are usually very loving by nature ,respect themselves and others . The guna of this nakshatra is deva guna and the animal symbol for the nakshatra is a female deer. The star gives the ability to form friendships and relationships without disregarding the role of dharma in one’s life. It is also an Nakshatra that encourages one to serve the divine through service. Anuradha natives also will have strong organizational skills and are usually blessed with good health and vitality.

The negative traits of this Nakshatra are primarily due to its location in the constellation of Scorpio which is the place where the natal moon gets its debilitation state. The negative sides are jealousy and the desire to control others. Also if one’s moon is debilitated in Anuradha there could occur an interest in the negative side of Occult arts and melancholy nature towards life in general.

Famous People with Anuradha

Ram Dass : Ram Dass is a modern day spiritual teacher who was a disciple of Neem Karoli baba . He is quite famous in the western world for his charitable works and bhajans. ( Moon in Anuradha )

Indira Gandhi : Indira Gandhi the first women prime minister of India was quite a strong lady due to her excellent combinations in her horoscope but she definetly had her own share of dictatorial traits with the desire to control others.

Saddham Hussein: Needs no introduction.

Nietzsche : Very famous 19th century german philosopher .

Sai baba ( Puttaparthi ) : Again needs no introduction .

Notice the head of the star formation and you will see 3 stars ( Alpha , Beta and Pi Scorpionis )

The three stars at the head form the Archway symbol of Anuradha

Actual night time picture of Alpha Centauri (closest start to solar system )

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  1. Anurada S. permalink
    01/09/2011 12:04 PM

    My name is Anurada and the stars name is spelled Anuradha is it both the same thing even without the ”h”.

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