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How does the World Change in a minute


There is an intimate relation between time ,death and birth in the world . Often it is a quite humbling experience to look at the statistics of birth and death per minute in the world. It reminds one that there is a higher power at work here behind the birth and death of human beings.

Official Source : US Govt Census Statistics 2010 World Mortality and Birth Rates

252 babies are born every minute in the world and 107 adults die every minute in the world.

Also look at this interesting graphic which portrays similar information in a easy format.

Things that happen in a minute in the world

I will come back to make two separate posts on the food wastage problem depicted in the above graphic and pollution problem. Statistics reveal there is sufficient food for everybody in the world except most of it gets trashed by civilized society .The next time you feel you are the emperor/queen of the universe or you feel completely down witnessing the injustice, war and violence in the world …gently remind yourself  you do not control neither the birth and death in the world. I am not trying to advocate inaction , my purpose is to point out the presence of something bigger than mere human ego .

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