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Sravana Pournima-RakshaBandhan-UpaKarma-Part 2


Continuing the blogpost from yesterday. I had explained the reasons for Sravana Pournami being known also as Hayagreeva Jayanti. Let us now look at the other auspicious events associated with Sravana Pournami.


Balarama Jayanti : Mythology says Lord Balarama also was born on the same day. Though some regions of India celebrate Balarama Jayanti on Akshya Tritiya , I believe the scriptures say that Lord Balarama was born on the full moon day in the month of Sravana.

Pavitropana: This is celebrated in Gujarat .Interestingly this is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is a custom to submit a cotton thread dipped in the Pancha Amruta ( Five sacred substances-Milk,Ghee,Curd etc) to Lord Shiva. You will find the link to the cotton thread in other parts of India as well.


Jhulan Poornima ( West Bengal) & Gamha Purnima ( Orissa ) : In both these places this day is dedicated to Radha and Krishna. In Orissa worship is performed to the Idols in the Jagganatha Puri temple and also worship is performed to Cows and Livestock since they contribute a lot to the livelihood in an agrarian society.


Radha and Krishna on Swing

Jhulan Yatra for Radha and Krishna

( Images courtesy of external sources..All credits rest with them ) .


Changing of the Sacred Thread

Upakarma ( Andhra/Karnataka ) – Janou Purnima ( Uttarkhand) – Avani Avittam (Tamilnadu )

The reason for choosing this day is twofold.As we explored in the previous blogpost Lord Hayagreeva bestowed the Vedas back to mankind on this day.Also there is a subtle shift in the energy of the planet starting with the movement into Dakshinayana in June and after Sravana Purnima the change accelerates.Many students start the serious study of Yajurveda on this day .

Also tarpana is performed for the Devas and Pitris on the same day thanking them for the opportunity to take birth as a human being.

Contrary to the misconception prevalent in Hindusim today. The Yagnopavit was not to symbolize one’s birth or caste.It could be worn by a serious student who wished to pursue brahma vidya.This is a huge topic and I would have to dedicate a whole post on the distortion of the modern caste sytem .Anywaz here is the relevant verse from the Rig veda to why a Yagnopavita would be worn.


á  sÚryasya  rashmíbhiH  pári  vyata  tántuM  tanvAnás  trivRtaM  yáthA  vidé  ( Rig Veda 9.86.32)


1.The three threads signify the three pillars of life

2.One who wears the thread recognizes his teacher as his guru and grasps the knowledge from him like we grasp the rays of the sun.

3.It is part of his duty to repay the debt of birth to his forefathers, debt of knowledge to the teachers and debt of being human to the almighty.

The ancient Vedic seers gave the right to pursue knowledge to any serious seeker.Anywaz a full blown discussion on this will require multiple posts.


Rakhis hanging at stalls

Raksha Bandhan: This day is also celebrated as Raksha Bandhan. Tradition holds that Yami the sister of Yama tied a sacred thread to his hand . Also Draupadi tied a piece of cloth imploring Lord Krishna when he was fighting a battle. Lord Krishna was extremely touched by the gesture and made sure Draupadi was protected at each step of the Mahabharata starting with when the Kauravas attempt to disrobe her in the middle of the assembly.It is only Lord Krishna who comes to her rescue.

Hence this day has been known as the day to symbolize the bond of brothers and sisters.

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  1. 08/01/2012 1:47 PM

    Excellent posts, both of them.
    Even I had very nice experiences this evening, and it ended up with me finding a 10 rupee note on the street. I had a gut feeling that something auspicious is happening, I know its very naive of me, but I would definitely like your opinion sir. Thank You.

    • 08/01/2012 7:03 PM


      Thank you for the positive feedback. Usually one is sensitive to positive vibes on auspicious days because the planetary alignment is so powerful. Also even though the amount might be less like this fall under Nimitta ( Signs and Omens) . It always need not hold true…but in many cases nature functions like a compass in the presence of a magnetic field and conveys some subtle hints. It could mean that a better phase has started for you astrologically and the external event might be signifying it or else it could just be a coincidence.

      There is great power in postivity and I think it does not hurt to think that way and will only increase those positive vibes.


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